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We are specialist in registering company’s name at Ministry of commerce and apply VAT at Ministry of Taxation. The customers who satisfied and agreed us to serve might be follow the easier instruction rules as below:

1. Review and sign contract agreement on behalf of buyer and service provider

2. To register company under the Ministry of commerce customers must submit  

  • Name company
  • Name of representative of company
  • Photo : 4x6 : 5psc - Company address
  • Office rental contract
  • Resident Cambodia ID Card
  • Bank statement deposit 10% of whole capital

3. To Apply VAT paten, customer must submit

  • Article of Incorporation
  • Family book & Cambodia resident ID Card
  • Tax declaration of office rental
  • Bank statement deposit 10% of whole capital
  • The comment document was completed the owner must to take picture at Ministry of taxation.

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